Znas: Behind The Scenes-“OO EP”

Independent artist Znas has a wealth of knowledge that’s deeply entrenched in dance music, from a career in publishing to a glimmering career in music production, his passion knows no bounds. His latest EP is a based on the concept of love and prejudice and has already been grabbing the attention of DJ’s and audiences across the globe so we caught up with Znas to discuss his brand new “OO EP.”

Holly Roscoe: Hi Znas, talk us through the concept of your “OO EP?”

Znas: With this thematic EP I try to reflect the torment, the passion, the pain, the tenderness, etc. all the mixed feelings of a couple who keep their love hidden for fear of rejection due to prejudice. I would like love in the world to be free and to have no barriers or obstacles of any kind, as long as it is consented. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, the cause that gives meaning to our existence, and as such it must flow freely.

HR: Where did you get the inspiration from?

Znas: The inspiration came from watching the “Taboo” series on British television. I was fascinated by its dark setting, the ignominious theme it dealt with, and the psychological complexity of the characters, especially that of the protagonist, James Delaney, played by Tom Hardy, of whom I must say that he made an extraordinary interpretation; so I decided to get into his skin and musically express that heart breaking feeling of love and hate that possessed and tormented him disturbingly. I was mesmerized by the series and the main character.

HR: How long did the EP take to conceptualize and create?

Znas: I’m not sure, definitely some months, more than I expected, because I was working on several productions at the same time, mine and other artists’ collaborations. I remember that in July I had already composed the tracks “dOOm” and “tabOO,” and I decided then to compose a third track during the month of August in order to postpone the release until autumn, and it was then when “rOOm-antic” appeared to finish off completing the album.

HR: What were your aspirations for the “OO EP” and have you achieved them?

Znas: My aspirations with this album are very big. My hope is that all my big dreams or part of them will begin to be fulfilled at least. At the same time I am cautious, I prefer not to expect anything extraordinary, because only then will I be prepared for anything, that is called having good sense! It is the best way to not have disappointments, therefore, everything that comes and goes with this EP, whatever it is, will be very welcome. It is still early to know if I have managed to materialize my aspirations, I will have to wait a few months to find out.

HR: Which track is your favorite?

Znas: Ugh! What a difficult choice. My heart is divided into three. The three tracks are totally different in terms of style: “dOOm” is totally Deep House, while “rOOm-antic” tends more to Progressive House, and “tabOO” to Melodic Techno. Hence, it is a complete album due to its diversity of trends within the Deep House style itself. Now, if I have to choose one! I’ll stick with “dOOm,” it is a track that despite having listened to it a multitude of times always impresses and surprises me.

HR: What has the initial reaction been like?

Znas: It has been very good! In Music Worx the EP has achieved a rating of 9.58 / 10. Regarding the rating of the tracks: “dOOm” of 9.76 / 10; “rOOm-antic” of 9.68 / 10, and “tabOO” of 8.92 / 10. The highest ratings I have ever achieved for both an album and a track. It is having great support from international deejays. I am very excited about it.

HR: Tell us more about your label, Znas Music.

Znas: At first I created it to release only my music, it is not because I didn’t have labels where I could do it, quite the opposite, but I felt the need to become independent and to own my work, my music; This helped me feel more fulfilled as an artist. And then I decided that it would also serve to introduce new values ​​of electronic music without distinction of style. With the label I have not set any goals or pretenses, I created it to provide a service without further ado, but I would like it to eventually become a worldwide reference label for independent electronic music.

HR: It’s been quite a while since your last release, what have you been up to during that time?

Znas: Yes, it’s true, it’s been a long time. My last release was a single, “ChemSex,” in the month of August. Since then I have been working on my last album “OO” in an interrupted way, in stages, because I was mixing and mastering for other artists. Also managing the label takes up quite a bit of time in seasons, especially when there are releases. In addition, the last two months before the release of the EP I dedicated them to improving the sound quality of the tracks, I was perfecting the equalization in the mix and in the mastering without the help of anyone, researching on my own, to create my specific sound. The most perfect possible.

HR: What can expect to hear from you in the coming months?

Znas: Since finishing the EP, I am ow composing a new track, but I don’t know whether it will end up being a single or will be part of a new upcoming EP, it is something that I have yet to decide in the coming weeks.

HR: Where can people go to grab their copy?

Znas: My EP can be purchased at any online music store in the world. Here’s a link to check it out on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4D3SIiLt8UOjQYmXPL9hHp?si=gV1PG0d3SRCahm40zEjHbw

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