WNDR: My Story in 10 Questions

WNDR is known for his outstanding house tunes that have drummed up masses of attention from leading record labels such as Sony, Epic Tones and Crosswalk Records. Growing up in a house full of music and discovering his passion at the age of 10, WNDR has had quite the journey so far. Holly Roscoe catches up with him to discuss more about his story.

HR: What was the first instrument you ever tried to learn?

WNDR: Piano

HR: What type of music where you brought up listening to?

WNDR: Reggae, Pop, RnB

HR: How did you continue to progress your talent as you grew older?

WNDR: I would say repetition! That’s the best way to learn.

HR: Have you always been creative or was it something you discovered later in life?

WNDR: I have always been creative but I’m not creative all the time. It comes and goes.

HR: Did you have any other career paths that you wanted to go down?

WNDR: No, I said to myself when I was 10 that music was my path, I haven’t done anything else since. I guess I’ve been really lucky to find my passion so young.

HR: Tell us about the first ever live gig you saw?

WNDR: The first live show I saw, was a Norwegian hip hop group called “Karpe Diem”, they had an outdoor show in the park close to where I grew up. Funny enough I don’t think I actually liked them back then, but they have grown on me in later years.

HR: How has your life experiences impacted your music? Do they play a big part in your music or do you tend to create by concept?

WNDR: I create music based on emotions usually, trying to get people to feel something when the listen to my music. Life experience plays a role but wouldn’t say it’s the main source.

HR: What piece of advice you would tell your younger self when you were first embarking on music?

WNDR: Stick to what you feel is right for you, not what’s right for your friends and what’s trending if you don’t like the music that’s trending.

HR: Did you ever receive any mentorship, or did you teach yourself and if so, how?

WNDR: When it comes to DJing I had some older guys teach me the basics of beat mixing when I was young, the producing part was learned by doing, and trying to remake stuff to understand how people did what I was aiming to do myself.

HR: Finally, when people hear the name ‘WNDR, what are you best known for?

WNDR: It depends on where in the world you are, I’ve figured out recently that in the UK it is the “Meant to Be” track due to a prettylittlething.com commercial. In rest of Europe “Medicine”, and in the US I don’t actually know!

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