Video of the Week: Charlotte de Witte-“Liquid Slow”

Charlotte de Witte unveils the video for Liquid Slow, the debut release on her newly formed KNTXT label. Liquid Slow depicts a dystopian dance contest reminiscent of US dance marathons during the 1930’s Great Depression, where participants would move for days to succumb to hallucinatory states. The Sao Paolo based director & Iconoclast protégé Fernando Nogari, used the city’s background to tell the tale of two struggling young lovers.

“I love and am in awe of the visual that Fernando has created for our first KNTXT release.” says de Witte. “I really feel that the obscure & ominous atmosphere he created is a great metaphor of the underground techno scene that drew me in. The dangerous mystery that compels so many of us into the night. It really ties into that transcendent feeling that you experience during an elongated evening of raving.”

A collaboration with techno royalty Chris Liebing “Liquid Slow” is seven minutes of heavy and hypnotic techno. It is stripped back to an acid bassline and earth rumbling kicks, with a meandering lead synth line and a darkly absorbing spoken word vocal over the top sure to lock in the dance floor for the duration. ‘In Memory’ ups the pressure with rumbling drums and bass sweeping you up as more acid twitches and tough hits nail down the groove.

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