VAVO: Behind The Scenes-“Day N Night”

Jesse and Alden AKA VAVO are an unstoppable dance music duo who have taken over the charts on both Spotify and Apple music along with landing tracks in the hottest playlists. Their latest house-style release ‘Day N Night’ has stormed the scene and reached astronomical heights along with the guys achieving over a million listeners! We sat down with VAVO to find out more behind the scenes info for the release of “Day N Night.”

Holly Roscoe: First off, tell us about the inspiration behind “Day N Night?”

VAVO: Our inspiration behind Day N’ Night was to create a dance style house track that everyone would vibe too. Nothing super aggressive, vocals that stick in your head, and a drop that hits you hard in the feels. 

HR: What is your favorite part of the tune?

VAVO: This is a tough question; we both really like the drop. Its infectious and hits you hard. The vocals stay with you and make you want to move and dance. That said though, we really just love the entire track!

HR: How has the initial reaction been like?

VAVO: The initial reaction has been insane! It’s been crazier than we ever thought! People are constantly hitting us up telling us how much they love the song, plus we made the cover of Spotify’s mint playlist for its debut! We’re also seeing a lot of support from streaming platforms and premier YouTube channels too!

HR: Talk us through how you two work together when you’re making music?

VAVO: Well currently it’s a little trickier because we’re from separate countries and the COVID-19 crisis has created travel bans, which is keeping us apart. That said though, what we’re doing now is very similar to how we started. For those who don’t know, Alden and I (Jesse) were working together as VAVO remotely before coming together in NY. We would send ideas back and forth online, put it together, and release tracks. Now, before COVID, the two of us would spend hours in the studio bouncing ideas off each other, but given our current situation, Alden is in the Studio we have in New York and I (Jesse) am in Canada. We are back to basics by constantly bouncing ideas back and forth via WhatsApp and FaceTime. Fortunately, the technology is there to allow us to handle all things digitally, but we can’t wait to be back in the studio together soon.

HR: Did you have to overcome any struggles with this release?

VAVO: There are always small struggles or minor speed bumps that come along with every production, but they’re pretty insignificant. Mostly just comping the vocals or getting the mix just right because we like to be perfectionists. We have a great team around us so that definitely helps! Our label and management work very hard to ensure we put out the best product and we are a very tight knit family.

HR: What goals did you set out to achieve with “Day N Night” and have you achieved them?

VAVO: Our main goal is to have a global hit! We would love to see this become the biggest dance record of the year! We put a lot of work into our craft and love to see when it clicks with our listeners. Another goal was to bring our Spotify monthly listeners to over 1 million and we did just that! As a result, we hit over 1 million streams on “Day N Night” in just about 2 weeks which was very exciting! We have many more goals we’re keeping close to home but couldn’t be happier with what we have accomplished so far!

HR: How did you come to work with KESS Records?

VAVO: KESS Records was started by our manager Max. Max has believed in us before he signed us to his management company. With him, we aren’t just clients we are family. That means the world to us. He is truly our #1 fan and works “Day N Nigh”t to push us to the next level. (See what we did there!) KESS records has pushed our records to places we never imagined possible, like our song “Like Nobody” that hit #1 on US Dance Radio just a few weeks ago!

HR: Tell us, how does this differ from some of your other releases?

VAVO: This record is more of a club record, leaning more on the house side. As of late we had been doing a lot of Dance-Pop crossovers, but our DNA has always included the club sound. As we just had a #1 on US Dance radio with a more pop leaning track, we felt like it was time to do something clubbier.

HR: What can we expect to hear from you this coming year?

VAVO: Well, we have an arsenal of music locked and loaded. We never put out music too soon because we want to give our records time to develop. Quality over quantity is how we roll. Outside of releases, we’re starting a new Friday night mix show called “Hydration.” This will take place live on our YouTube channel at 10 pm EST every week and then will be uploaded to listen to later. Everyone is stuck in quarantine, so we felt like we need to bring the party to people’s homes. Be sure to tune in!

HR: Finally, where can people go to grab their copy?

VAVO: “Day N’ Night” is streaming everywhere! If you’d like to purchase your own copy, it’s available on iTunes, Beatport, etc. –

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