Toma Hawk: Behind The Scenes-“Protocol 19”

Toma Hawk’s career in the dance scene has spanned over 25 years where he is constantly developing his sounds, constantly releasing fresh and unique tracks that are always ahead of the curve. In 2020 alone he has had major releases such as ‘The Watcher,” “Velvet” and “Destination Zero.” Having worked with DJ Ralph multiple times in the past, they have come together once again for yet another sensational project. This time Toma Hawk was on remix duties for DJ Ralph’s “Protocol 19” where he transports you to a heavy Techno rave with a huge helping of Acid thrown in there. Check out what Toma Hawk had to say when when Holly Roscoe caught up with him about his latest remix.

Holly Roscoe: How did this remix come to fruition?

Toma Hawk: Ralph is a very good and long-time friend! The idea of the project was born during the lock-down period and we spontaneously decided to do another track together. Mainly for fun and friendly reasons.

HR: What was the inspiration behind your version?

TH: I was a big acid fan anyway and at the moment acid is being reborn! So, for me was clear to move in this direction with my version!

HR: How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

TH: A techno track with driving beats, wide surfaces and cool acid elements.

HR: What is your approach when creating a remix of someone else’s track?

TH: I listen the original but not too many times. I start to work as usual. Sit down in the studio and let creativity run free. The rest will come.

HR: Did your remix live up to your expectations of it?

TH: Yes absolutely! I am very happy with the result and as soon as i have a good feeling in the moment of implementation I leave it like this and believe in what I have done. You should always trust your gut.

HR: Who would you like to see spinning your track?

TH: Mmm hard to say… everyone who has fun at the track!

HR: How does this compare to some of your other releases?

TH: I always try new things. Especially if you do a remix. The challenge of a new version is always to keep the recognition value and still do something different.

HR: Which part of the Protocol 19 remix is your favorite?

TH: After the break with the acid sound.

HR: Can you give us a sneak peek into any other projects you’re working on at the moment?

TH: Sure! Currently I am preparing further releases for Mon.Ton and also for Toma Hawk. In addition, I am also preparing remixes for my two new team members The Enveloper and Lorely Mur, which will be released on Lakota Records and Lakota Raw!

HR: Where can people check out the release?

TH: On all channels, like Beatport and Spotify!

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