Shawn Prez: The Coach. The Mentor. The Guy Who Makes it Happen.

Shawn Prez went from an intern at Bad Boy Entertainment, where he quickly rose through the ranks, to Vice President of Marketing and Promotions. During his tenure he was instrumental in breaking records and turning them into Gold and Platinum sales. Shawn is an entrepreneur at heart and is one who follows his heart and realizes his dreams. Leveraging his innate understanding of core marketing, brand fundamentals and creativity, Prez launched Power Moves Incorporated (PMI), a marketing and promotions company. PMI is known for innovative, authentic, high profile marketing programs and as such became the premiere agency to reach a multicultural audience. Sean Comb Enterprises secured PMI as the promotional arm for all marketing and advertising endeavors and corporate conglomerates such as Viacom, HBO, McDonalds, and Estée Lauder followed suit. PMI was also responsible for highly successful political marketing campaigns like Vote or Die that positioned the agency, particularly Shawn Prez, as a highly sought-after asset during election years. Prez’s accomplishments have earned him a reputation as a marketing expert, often called upon by CNN, Fox News, Ad Week, Crain, amongst others, to render marketing analysis. His proudest moments are those that presented the opportunity to mentor employees and witness their growth. Inherently a motivator, Shawn Prez continues to pursue his passion to inspire. The Coach. The Mentor. The Guy Who Makes It Happen.

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