Seb Zito-“Truth In My Steps”: Album Review

Ever since Seb Zito first discovered electronic music in 94, he has evolved right through many elements of the underground scene. He has forged a strong house and techno sound since establishing himself as a resident at Fuse, however echoes of a more raw sound still permeates his music to devastating effect. A true raver himself, he has a natural affinity with the dance floor which he uses intelligently to build a connection and then taking the crowd deep into his own sound and space. His Labels Seven Dials & F&Z gain huge support from the house & techno scene, as have his own releases and remixes on labels such as Fuse, Infuse, Hot Creations, Play It Say It, Saved, Edible, Four Thirty Two, ORIGINS, Rawax & Kaos Theory. A firm favourite at Fuse has seen him play at some of the worlds most renowned clubs and gain residency at Amnesia Ibiza with Fuse & Hyte. Now, 2021 looks set to be a career milestone with the release of his debut album “Truth In My Steps,” out on Eats Everything’s Edible this April.

Speaking on the release, Seb discussed how the tracks reflect his musical journey, stating: “All of my experiences are portrayed in this album. From pirate radio to some of the biggest clubs in the world, from raver to DJ. They represent what’s great about both UK club culture and the UK sound. I think the UK is the pulsating heart of electronic music, you only have to look at what’s come from here… hardcore, jungle, garage, dubstep and grime. I wanted to incorporate all of these sounds to tell my story… The Truth In My Steps.”

The LP encapsulates eleven diverse tracks: “Mission FM”-showcasing his early dance floor days with old skool rave themes; “Got That Vibe”-quick tempos with four-four snare patterns and infectious vocal hooks; “Bad Bwoy”-darker edges with stripped-back, breaks and inspired tones; “2am Lover”- a feel-good, vocal-driven cut; “One Finger Skank”- rough and raw; “Notting Hill”-a seven-minute cut ripe for the late-night hours; “Come On”- robust with punchy kick-hat combos paired against mysterious vocal samples; “What’s This Seb?”- delves into Seb’s grime and dubstep influences; “Charlie’s Gaff” low-slung, minimal-laced house cut featuring his signature dubby sound; “Mans From London”- a sizzling piece of drum and bass; “Let It Never Go”- jungle and breakbeat against the two-step sounds of house and garage. “Truth In My Steps” represents an ambitious effort consisting of many different styles of electronic music that deserves to be heard and embraced. Zito delivers the goods in fine fashion.

—Catherine Strickland


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