Roberto Rodriguez: Behind The Scenes-“Crazy Room”

Roberto Rodriguez ended 2019 on a roll of incredible releases with “Crazy Room” being one of them. Working with Push 2 Play Music, Roberto’s bass-heavy Big Room banger was released to a huge excitement and has been a club favorite for the past month. Matt Caldwell’s Holly Roscoe sat down with Roberto to discuss “Crazy Room,” check out what he had to say below.

Holly Roscoe: Tell us what your inspiration was when creating ‘Crazy Room’?

Roberto Rodriguez: My inspirations are rooted deep in my head. It’s hard for me to write specifically what the inspiration for this is! The music just flows through me until it becomes a comprehensible tune, so the inspiration process is all a bit of a blur for me really!

HR: Is this your typical sound?

RR: I think there is no such thing as ‘my typical sound’, I am influenced and inspired by so many different types of music for each of my releases that it’s hard to pinpoint my tracks to a particular sound.

HR: How would you describe the track to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

RR: An energetic, positive song that will improve your day.

HR: What was it like working with the guys at Push2Play music?

RR: Fantastic cooperation. I have great relationship with this label. I love working with German labels as they understand how I work so it was such an easy process with the Push2Play guys.

HR: What is your favorite part of the track?

RR: I would have to say the main part when all the instrumentation is present, it just gives me goosebumps as I know how much work I put into it.

HR: What are your expectations for this release?

RR: I hope that it will interest a large number of people and kind of showcase my talents a little more to those who have not heard my music before.

HR: Can we expect any more releases from you soon?

RR: I haven’t got anything planned as of yet but I’m sure there will be a few more in the months to come!

HR: Finally, where can we go to download “Crazy Room?”

RR: I would say the best place to get it is Beatport, here is the link:

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