Rheinzand-“Rheinzand”: Album Review

Rheinzand is a collaborative project between Reinhard Vanbergen, the multi-instrumentalist producer, Charlotte Caluwaerts and Mo Disko from the renowned duo The Glimmers. Rheinzand’s songs are a mixture of dance music’s rich history, giving nods to old and new genres, forgotten and popular scenes in order to create their own take on today’s musical landscape. Their exotic style caught the ears of Kenneth Bager’s label Music For Dreams on which they have released their debut self titled album on May 8, 2020. “Blind” was the first single of this musical adventure and was aimed straight for the dance-floor. The track was championed by DJ Harvey during his summer residency at Pikes Ibiza, and the band had tracks on both his Mercury Rising compilations.

The singles “Kills & Kisses,” “Obey” and “Slippery People” (their fantastic cover of Talking Heads’ classic) has further demonstrated their unique and flawless production that is capturing the hearts and dance-floors around the world. Rheinzand played many Festivals in 2019 and has created a strong following. Live on stage they are accompanied by the likes of Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS) on drums and Bruno Coussée (Manngold) on bass. Hailing from Gent, Belgium the band’s release of the self titled album hints back to the days of disco, new wave and pop from the late 70s and early 80s, however, they place a modern day spin on songs built for todays exciting electronic dance music scene.

11 songs deep, the digital album and double vinyl release enjoyed lots of hype leading up the official release and after one listen, you realize why. The music is infectious, groovy and fresh and the vocals, well, Charlotte is exquisite. There are several songs on this debut that will no doubt fill dance-floors the world over. In addition to the the lead single “Blind,” other burners include the funky and exotic “Synti,” “Strange World” and “You Don’t Know Me” channeling the spirit f Donna Summer and “Obey” is an instant modern day disco classic.

“Rheinzand” has delivered an epic and stunning collection of songs for that will stand up for years to come.

—Joseph Arthur



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