The Outsiders Debuts “Luminous EP” On Fraktal Sound

FRAKTAL SOUND presents its debut release in the form of the LUMINOUS EP, featuring the sounds of THE OUTSIDERS across four tracks colored extensively by their deep tones & expansive atmospheric textures. Hailing from the Netherlands, THE OUTSIDERS have seen releases on labels such as Noisia’s Invisible & Division imprints as well as Vandal Limited, and now bring their darkly innovative sound to mark the first release on the enigmatic Hungarian label FRAKTAL SOUND.

DISSOLUTION’s morphing bells glide softly over a gritty bassline that leaps between frequencies with premeditated unpredictability, whilst the flowing pads of EXTRACTION reflect off of its poignant snares, their current supported by the undulations of a bassline which emits harmonic bubbles from its every movement. The mystical atmosphere of LUMINOUS is quickly overtaken by a singularly powerful bass that parts its airy chant with concentrated sonic force, after which the sharp hi-hats of MYSTICISM provide a contrasting dominance before the track drops into a smooth rolling rhythm.

Within the LUMINOUS EP, FRAKTAL SOUND makes its focus clear as it displays an array of deep & technical sonics infused with a mysterious brain-altering air. Resting deftly upon the balancing point of power & restraint, FRAKTAL SOUND’s tones will resonate with fans of each philosophy alike.

LUMINOUS EP will release February 22, 2019 via FRAKTAL SOUND.


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