Luis Fernando: Bad Trips, Nightmares & Paint

Luis Fernando is a creative soul that has produced some of Techno’s most intriguing and cutting-edge music. His latest EP offering, “Cyberterrorism Will Unite Us” (Morpheus Black), is as dark and intense as the title suggests. Featuring three dense, thudding techno blasts that reference the grim video game The Last of Us, the very grim book and movie Gone Girl, and the strange (and potentially grim, given his understanding of the plot synopsis) Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The following pages reveal a different side and creative outlet for Luis, painting. Visually striking and thought-provoking… they are indeed. Complimenting the display of just a few of his works, Luis also graciously shares his time in a Q&A discussing his influences, beginnings, and inspirations in creating his masterful and thought provoking pieces.

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