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Felix Göllner‘s contributions to the Electronic Music industry include serving as a volunteer coordinator, a radio music editor, an educator, a club promoter for Universal Music Group, a club music promotion and public relations business owner, and a  Senior PR and Social Media Specialist for Berlin’s powerhouse Techno label Kompakt. Accumulating this impressive wealth of experience has presented Felix, along with administrative assistance from his wife, an opportunity. Unreel Records is now unveiled as Göllner’s latest venture. In this Q&A, Felix explains his vision, how he plans to develop artists and position Berlin’s newest electronic music label for success. Thanks Felix!

What is the Mission for Unreel Records and what can new listeners expect to hear on your releases? 

Felix Göllner: I guess that like most labels, I started Unreel because I love music, not only as a DJ. I grew up listening to alternative rock, hip-hop and then more and more to electronic music the older I became. Also, Berlin is a big influence on you if you’re into clubbing, so discovering house and techno here keeps on bringing its lot of epiphanies. It’s a movement you can hardly keep up with these days, so it’s a way for me to unreel my view of the scene and add my taste to the mix. 

Do you have a team around you or are you wearing all the “proverbial hats” running the label?  How will you position Unreel Records for success? 

FG: There’s basically just me on A&R duties and my lovely wife helping me with decision making. She has worked with a few labels herself and is currently working at Beatport, so there’s plenty to chat about in our household. I guess everyone measures success in their own way. Do I want to release music that everyone plays or music that reflects my own taste? Surely, you need to get attention if you want to survive in this business, but then again, you don’t always do. I’m curious about the ups and downs of running a label.

What kind of promotion will be used for creating awareness and what will make your label different from other labels in your space?

FG: I learned all things PR and Social Media during my time at Kompakt Records and will certainly use some of those methods. There’s not really any secrets to this, so in the end, it all comes down to connections, personality and the music itself. 

How will you go about recruiting new talent to grow your artist roster?

FG: I’m excited and happy to listen to every demo carefully. Giving new artists a chance to release their music should be the goal of every label, but I’m convinced you need some known artists to get started and make a name for yourself. During my time at Kompakt I noticed how much good music does not get released, so I’m looking forward to hearing new music.

What’s your first release and how many projects are in the pipeline for the future?

FG: The first release is by Berlin’s one and only Housemeister with a remix by T.Raumschmiere. It’s called “Soo Good” due to the awesome vocal sample used in the title track. It was actually one of the first tracks I was sent after reaching out to a few artists and it felt perfect as a first release. Next up will be Engyn with a nice melodic EP including a remix from John Tejada. We also have a few more surprises in the pipeline for around New Year time, so make sure you stay tuned.

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