JP Lantieri And Ornery Set To Release “Distance” EP

Close your eyes and let JP Lantieri & Ornery‘s truly cosmic “Distance” EP, available on April 3rd, take you on a celestial journey like no other, way out to the far reaches of the universe.

“Distance” is the title track of this stunning EP and a collaboration between two friends separated by distance, but drawn closer together through their combined love for producing deep, emotive music. Driven by an atmospheric soundscape with a warm and pulsating bass, “Distance” will have you drifting across the galaxy hoping you never come back to earth.

From measurable distance to relative theories, “Quantum” by JP Lantieri delivers a beautiful, unpredictable and uplifting entanglement of sound waves. Powerfully energised and perfectly balanced, “Quantum” holds you delicately between reality and a world of endless possibilities whilst surging you into the boundless depths of progressive imagination.

Finally, pushing this divine space flight up to warp speed, Ornery‘s “Paradox” is written in pure and ethereal code, challenges all that we believe to be true and beams us out like lightning into the great unknown. Scattered with trance laced stardust and fuelled throughout by an effervescent galactic glow, “Paradox” is the profound conclusion to this magnificent three track Flemcy Music release which is sure to stand in the future as one of the labels’ proudest moments.

Pre-order “Distance” EP here. Out on April 3rd, 2018.

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