$ilv@: Behind The Scenes-“$ynchroniz3”

$ilv@ has been on fire in recent months with several of his releases including “Al3xi$” and now “$ynchronize.” Keeping his music energetic and upbeat, whilst breaking all the traditional rules $ilv@ certainly stands out from the crowd. Basing this track around futuristic concepts and robotic aliens, we find out more about $ilv@’s “$ynchroniz3.”

Holly Roscoe: Talk us through the inspiration of “$ynchroniz3?”

$ilv@: I got inspired to make “$ynchroniz3” the same way I get inspired for a lot of my work. I got inspired for this one through an art exhibit. I usually get inspired from art, tv, a movie, or something that is present in my life.

HR: Did you have to overcome any creative struggles with this release?

$ilv@: I had to overcome a few creative struggles a long the way for this one. So for this I started with picking out and editing a few plug in instruments. I found a few that I really liked and made the song. After adding effects, I honestly thought the other instruments sounded better. I fought with myself back and forth for a while. I wound up sticking with the original instruments after playing around with a few different versions. But hey if people want to hear different versions I definitely have them!

HR: What did you imagine for this track when you were making it?

$ilv@: I imagined the future. Almost like robotic aliens going back and forth with each other. Whether in conversation, or arguing. Then at the melodic section they merge. They synchronize…

HR: How has the initial reaction been like?

$ilv@: It has been getting good reviews. It has made it onto a few websites, and it also has gotten a decent amount of streams which I’m super happy with.

Tell us more about your imprint $ilv@ $hock3R?
That is the label I go by. I created it a few years back. Probably about two year ago now. It has to do with shock and Aw. Just like I do with my music I want it to be different.

HR: What techniques do you use to keep your creative spirit alive?

$ilv@: I meditate. I watch tv, movies, shows etc. I go for walks. I go to music festivals, and shows. I go to art exhibits, and I also find it in others. I find it in situations, and everyday life.

HR: Do you have a favorite element in “$ynchroniz3?”

$ilv@: My favorite element is the dancing robotic/ alien sounding instruments. I think they sound real cool, and they sound real cool when they blend together too.

HR: How would you explain the track to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

$ilv@: I would explain it by saying it’s a semi fast paced song. You have two instruments or beings going back and forth through the song. Eventually they mesh during the melodic section. During the drop sections they go back and forth almost in conversation. Then back together again in synchronization.

HR: Have you got any collaboration projects on the horizon?

$ilv@: As of right now I have a few in the works. Nothing is finalized yet, so I won’t jinx it. But there will be a few collaborations in the future.

HR: Finally, what’s next for $ilv@?

$ilv@: My next single is going to be a Progressive House banger. Something I will actually be playing in clubs. It is almost finished already. Keep your ears and eyes open for that one.

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