Flemcy Music: Label Progression Interview

Despite only busting onto the scene in December 2015, Flemcy Music has already reached heights that took many established labels years to achieve. The London based imprint has been turning a lot of heads in the industry, thanks to their attention to detail and insistence on putting quality over quantity. With a roster of that includes stellar names like: Mystik Vybe, JunoJuno, Andrew Consoli and Jay Maguire, it’s easy to spot the label’s ever-growing success. 7 months after the label was founded, Matt Caldwell PR and team caught up with Flemcy Music to discuss their progress.

Hi guys, thanks for taking time to have a chat with us about your label. To get things kicked off, can you describe how the past few months have been for Flemcy Music in 5 words?

Flemcy Music: Baby Label Yet Already Veteran! (5 words, that was a challenging one!)

Your recent releases include ‘Memories’, ‘Good Red Cool’, ‘Brewhouse’ and ‘Evolution’, featuring artists like Peter Pavlov, Jay Maguire, Andrew Consoli, JP Lantieri and Ornery. How happy are you with your release catalogue so far?

Flemcy Music: More than happy because the catalogue is gently building up, with each artist having his own distinct personality while keeping a certain unity of style to the label. This unity is the triangle Deep – Tech – Prog. Some releases are closer to one side or one corner of this triangle, but we want to stay inside.

Your releases have been a regular feature in the Beatport charts, with ‘Brewhouse’ and ‘Evolution’ featuring in the Top 10 and Top 100 Progressive and Electro releases charts respectively. Can you sum up the feeling that you as a label get when you see your records in the charts?

Flemcy Music: It was totally unexpected, as usually being in the charts is for much more established labels. So the feeling was of course quite exhilarating, and it’s also a sign that we are on the right path.

How important is it for you to develop your artists and have you seen any big improvements since they signed to the label?

Flemcy Music: Of course it’s important! We all want to grow together! Some of Flemcy’s artists have joined various producers groups and collectives, like the London-based Darkest Before Dawn, which is a good way to develop oneself while being reviewed and emulated by peers. Also, something nice which is happening is that some of Flemcy’s artist who did not know each other before being released on the label are becoming friends.

Can you talk us through your strategy for developing artists?

Flemcy Music: As I just said, some of us are becoming friends and are doing collaborations. As the Flemcy family grows, we start to have some releases made of remixes. When we plan a release of remixes, I always propose them to Flemcy artists first, and then, if necessary expand to external artists. That’s how Ornery’s “Evolution”, previously released on Flemcy, has just had a set of remixes released (exactly our 8th release for our 6 months anniversary). And I can announce that Peter Pavlov “Memories”, which we released recently, will also see a set of remixes coming out in September. So somewhere, we are cross-building our respective artists catalogues, while collaborating and helping each other.

What have you planned in terms up upcoming releases? Can you give us any exclusive news?

Flemcy Music: OK, so I already just gave one regarding Peter Pavlov “Memories” remixes coming out quite soon. We’ll also have JP Lantieri’s EP “London Calling” out soon soon (EP which won the Independent Music Awards in the dance music category!), Ornery’s “Evolution” EP re-released, but this time under the new STEMS format which allows some DJs to be much more creative while mixing (we’ll tell you more in a future discussion because we have a lot to say about this new original format), and of course a few more under preparation.

Can you tell us of any new artists that have signed or are signing to the label?

Flemcy Music: Yes, we have smoKINGhouse, a young active DJ/producer whom we met last year in London and in Ibiza, and who is now rising quite fast in his native Brazil. We have Paul Alexander, based in Australia, who has just remixed Ornery’s “Evolution” and whom we expect to get more nice tracks. We have the delicious Sue La Vie (at last a girl on the label!), a bit more on the techno side, whose style has explosed since she moved to Spain (probably the sun effect!).

On the 24th February you held a launch night for your Brewhouse EP release. How successful was the event?

Flemcy Music: The vibe was very nice. We had people from the industry who came, curious to check out what is this new Flemcy Music label, lots of people established contacts, and we know that some collaborations started there. We discovered Peter Pavlov during this event, who has since become a great asset for the label. We had a unique visual twist as we invited Blandine Martin to expose her mixed media paintings, which blended well with our music. We had DJ sets, of course by some of our Flemcy boys (including Ornery whom we flew in from Berlin), and even though it was a mid week event, people were happily dancing.

Flemcy Music: Yes. The main night will be Flemcy’s first anniversary on 1st December. This may still sound a bit far, but as we’ll be travelling quite a bit before that, we want to take our time to prepare it correctly. If our first event was more of a gathering to introduce the label, this coming one will be a proper dance night.

Just to end things off, what can we expect from Flemcy Music in 2016?

Flemcy Music: More music, more rising artists, more fans. We would love to be in a position where we could hold a night exclusively with music created by Flemcy’s artists. Well, that’s probably too ambitious for 2016 as we are still a very young label, but the day will come eventually…

Thanks guys

Flemcy Music: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you!

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