DJ Jazzy Jeff Announces “M3” Release and Tour Dates

M3 is a memoir, love story, how-to manual and manifesto all in one. As a renowned DJ and producer, DJ Jazzy Jeff’s career spans decades, genres and generations. M3 is a reflection of that existence and his “declaration of independence.”

In the final instalment of his Magnificent” series, DJ Jazzy Jeff celebrates unhindered creativity. While staying true to his b-boy roots with classic boom bap drums, Jeff infuses a myriad of sounds that have influenced his production work over the years. The result is a cohesive mix of hip-hop, R&B, funk, jazz and house.

For M3, DJ Jazzy Jeff brings extraordinary artists together to present a multigenerational perspective on life, love, the current state of society, and the music industry. The Trinity, comprised of Grammy and Oscar award-winning MC Rhymefest, Philadelphia MC Dayne Jordan and multitalented artist Uhmeer, serves as M3’s primary storytellers. With three distinct styles, the trio is a recipe for an unprecedented flow and a magical delivery.

The Trinity lays bare the foundations of real hip-hop with tracks including The BeginningScars, and Where You At. Things lighten up with feel good tune Skater’s Paradiseand a tribute to womankind, Stronger Than Me. And M3 wouldn’t be complete without a few soulful voices. Singer/Songwriter Aaron Camper provides his sultry sound to Midnight Escapade, and The Way We Cool. While Maimouna Youssef lends her soulful harmony to Child of God, and Masego adds his signature trap-jazz flair to 2Step.

For DJ Jazzy Jeff, M3 represents creative freedom and a feeling of empowerment that he hopes will “inspire fellow artists to maintain their independence and take charge of their own destiny.”

Released on Playlist Music via MN2S Label Services, M3 is available now on streaming services with the full release – including CD and vinyl formats – on 3 August 3, 2018. Jump over to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Events page for forthcoming North America, UK and European shows.

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