Cass.-Youth Sessions: Album Review

Niklas Rehme-Schülter aka Cass. has released a series of projects with Schleißen and most recently with Wolf Müller for International Feel. After multiple cassette releases, he’s back with a solo effort titled ‘Youth Sessions’ on the label Emotional Response.

For those that follow Ambient music, this collection of songs, recorded with “field sounds,” percussion loops, and intriguing samples is something you’ll want to hear. It’s definitely not typical ambient music, in the truest form of the genre, but it will impress. The young artist’s latest offering is deserving of a listen, that’s for sure. Youth Sessions’ nine-track collection is for serious fans and it takes you to places in sound design that is trippy, experimental, bold, and beautiful. As you go from track to track, some of which have really odd time signatures and interesting rhythms, there’s something for everyone who appreciates good composition, good song structure and good sound design. Highlights of the album include ‘The Chase/Holding On,’ ‘Ann’ and ‘Your Beautiful Look Is Looping’.

—Catherine Strickland

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