BREESE Compiles Summer Themed “Balearic 4”

BREESE, formerly a long-term resident DJ at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, curated all ten volumes of the highly regarded Bali sunset venue Ku De Ta’s compilation album. His trusted input is found on many of the more credible, chill-themed Hed Kandi series. Now, he’s taken on a new project. The BALEARIC project is about timeless quality, collections devoid of flim-flam or favor, diverse sounds from true artists who, in their unique ways, each personify that enduring Balearic spirit. Timeless art direction from Peter Chadwick (Popular/This Brutal House), plus David Ryle’s photography, combine to create a striking visual identity that encapsulates summer.

Summer Mode On. BALEARIC 4, compiled by BREESE, is the latest pure quality beach- ready compilation in an annual series that seeks to express the spirit of chilled Ibiza. It’s a soundtrack for summer, a timeless assemblage perfectly primed for sun-baked days and evening chill-age. Available on 180-gram double vinyl, CD, plus all digital formats. Wrapped in stunning art- work, it’s a truly collectable package.

BALEARIC 4 features two entirely box fresh tracks: a cool and cosmic On-U Sound Dubof  “Entre Dos Aguas” – label act Los Twangueros’ magnificent cover of Paco de Lucia’s startling 1973 Spanish Flamenco classic. Extra sunshine rays have been drawn out of Ro- bot 84’s “San Vorera” too, as a Breese remix brings sun-drenched Spanish guitars firmly to the fore. Making it’s vinyl debut is Gallo‘s “Faron” (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix), which is already proving a huge 2018 favorite for Ibiza sun-down DJs.

Digital exclusives are Quinn Lamont Luke‘s “Different Aspirations,” which possesses a real “I’m-sure-that-I-know-this” familiarity, Emerson Kitamura‘s charming restructure of early 70s Disco classic “Rock Your Baby” as a dreamy, lilting lullaby, plus Max Manetti‘s “Changuinola,” which triggers memories of Manchester Baggy, the Happy Mondays and a simpler, more carefree musical era.

Max Essa‘s “Gold Hush (Part Two)” was originally the finale of his flowing “Themes From the Hood” four-part EP, but is flipped here to become the perfect mood-setting album opener. J-Walk‘s contemporary remake of 80s Maze classic “Twilight” superbly preserves the spirit of the original, Fuga Ronto’s rework of Kay Zee‘s “Barny” expertly captures the sound of modern-day down-tempo, Faze Action‘s remix of Private Agenda‘s “Dawn” is a perfect match for glowing red skies at daybreak, Simon Peter delivers mellow chugging hypnotica on “Ottimismo” and finally there’s driving energy from Joe Morris, whose “Skies Reprise” carries us into the dreamy Latin night.

A dozen true pearlers, each one confident and ready to take their place amongst any quality record collection. Balearic 4 will release worldwide on August 10, 2018. Pre-order it here.

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