Bassrush Records Presents Borgore & Benda “Camo Diamond Rollie”

 If this opening salvo from Bassrush Records is any indication of what’s to come, the bass music label is poised to lay waste to 2019 and take no prisoners. The legendary Borgore and fresh new face Benda collaborate on their second single, “Camo Diamond Rollie,” a heavyweight record featuring a double-time intro dusted with old school sonics and calibrated with crunchy bass and shredded metal. Engineered by two of the genre’s most exciting producers, “Camo Diamond Rollie” blasts off into the New Year with a unique, forward-thinking sound that respectfully daps the old school.

Like any artist with a widely recognized household name, Borgore remains self-intuitive and motivated to not keep up with what’s happening now but to pioneer what audiences don’t even know they like yet. After countless accolades and globe-trotting memories, this next step in Borgore’s career will see him move away from the trap and dubstep vibes fans are used to as he delves more heavily into breeding a new variation within hip hop. From death metal to dubstep to hip hop, regardless of any artistic changes Borgore intends to implement fans can rest assured that his production efforts will continue to lead the charge with the same high energy, potty mouth charisma that continues to resonate with so many.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Niv Ben-David is one of the younger electronic music acts currently up-and-coming within the bass music soundscape. Operating under the moniker Benda, this 19-year-old Israeli DJ and producer is marking 2019 as his year to rise. Now based in Los Angeles, California, Ben-David is getting ready to drop the needle on his arsenal of signature, wall-crumbling sound designs. Fresh off the Buygore University Tour, Benda has been taken under the wing of one of the original dubstep dons, Borgore. The two have given their second single together to the home of Bassrush where it belongs.


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