Abby Lee Tee’s New LP ‘By Accident’ To Be Released On October 30

After numerous releases and collaborations over the years Austrian musician Abby Lee Tee`s widespread influences in electronic music and his passion for odd sounds finally come to light in this album called ‘By Accident’ will be released on October 30 via Shash Records.

Rooted in Hip-hop, Jazz, Funk & Soul by being a member of the rap group Hinterland, Linz Austria- based DJ and Producer Abby Lee Tee also became attracted by different kinds of electronic music in 2007. Since releasing his first solo-EP in 2009, he’s been busy DJing every weekend, taking on remix projects for artists like A.G.Trio, Pixelord or Swede:Art, as well as collaborations with Leux (as Leeux), Minor Sick, Kalifornia Kurt and recently Ritornell. Additionally, he`s co-organizing parties called the Future Sound featuring recent guests like Prefuse 73, Shigeto, Nosaj Thing, fLako, Jeremy Ellis, Airhead, Jan Jelinek and many more. His productions, as well as his DJ sets combine various influences from instrumental Hip-hop to Ambient Electronica or even House, always cultivating his passion for field recordings and odd sounds. ‘By Accident’ will be released on October 30 via Shash Records.



  1. Stripped of Bark
  2. Numb (feat. Wandl)
  3. Friday the 13th
  4. 5 Colors Black
  5. Drunken Boats (feat. Mimu)
  6. Efeu
  7. Stirrings Still
  8. Workshop 3 (feat. Mieux)
  9. Skippin Thru Tarka T.o.
  10. Nothing Is Ever Done (feat. QC)

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